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Web Hosting
Web Hosting is the Heart of a Website, Which Should be Running Round the Clock

Cloud Hosting

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Cloud hosting is becoming one of the most popular and effective online hosting as it is delivered through a network of servers which is interconnected to one another. Cloud server web hosting provides more effective solution in hardware load balancing than dedicated servers because it has multiple servers. And moreover zero downtime assured and cloud server web hosting allows huge traffic spike without any hindrance and it gets back to the earlier stage when the traffic recedes.
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When it comes to the operating system for affordable web hosting, Linux and Windows both want to have a bigger share of the pie. The open source and proprietary platforms have differing strengths and weaknesses, and the services offered cater for the specific needs of online businesses. However, Linux servers are extremely attractive to Internet entrepreneurs and publishers.

Open Source Platform
Security and Reliability
Speed and Simplicity

This platform seamlessly integrates with all kinds of Microsoft applications and as there are many out there, it becomes important, at times, to ensure compatibility with Windows platform to run the web apps.

ASP.NET is offered in a Windows server hosting plan.
.Net framework by the Windows server hosting can provide you with what you need if your website depends on visual basic or .net.
For those using Microsoft Front Page, a Windows server hosting will make life hassle-free with the help of the Front Page extensions
In case your website needs to gather its data from an Access database, a Windows server can integrate the database flawlessly.
Ideal for those who utilize Visual Interdev or planning to develop applications on their site that is Windows-based.
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