Windows based web Hosting

This platform seamlessly integrates with all kinds of Microsoft applications and as there are many out there, it becomes important, at times, to ensure compatibility with Windows platform to run the web apps. Another important advantage is that both ASP generated pages and database generated pages can be used along with other parts of FrontPage. This is something not that possible in case of Linux; you can use FrontPage but not ASP generated and database-generated pages. Added advantages come in the form of IIS web server and powerful SQL server databases.



.Net framework by the Windows server hosting can provide you with what you need if your website depends on visual basic or .net.

For those using Microsoft Front Page, a Windows server hosting will make life hassle-free with the help of the Front Page extensions

If you have been using the Windows operating system, this hosting is easy to use.

ASP.NET is offered in a Windows server hosting plan.

In case your website needs to gather its data from an Access database, a Windows server can integrate the database flawlessly.

Ideal for those who utilize Visual Interdev or planning to develop applications on their site that is Windows-based.