Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Acquiring more customers and managing those relationships is vital to growing your business. So is getting the most efficiency out of your dispersed sales and support teams. Hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM software from Octalpha is the best solution to streamline your customer relationship management processes.

Real-time dashboards and analytics provide a 360-degree view of all customer interactions. Octalpha offers the best online CRM software for a low monthly price. Win more deals. Increase customer satisfaction.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM software empowers business with productivity

Hosted Microsoft CRM software provides your organization with a true competitive advantage. For sales, it establishes a full-spectrum view of sales opportunities, customer interactions, trends and goals. Customer Service operates more efficiently when supported by integrated customer information, case management and account history. With Microsoft CRM hosting, a marketing team can better plan, implement, and measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. And finally, Management can oversee the activity via configurable real-time dashboards, as well as data visualization tools.

Microsoft CRM hosting saves time and money

“More with less” is the mantra of today’s business climate. Personnel already comfortable with the consistency of the Microsoft user interface are more likely to embrace the adoption of hosted Microsoft CRM software. Microsoft CRM software’s ease of use provides continuity that matches user expectations. This key benefit makes hosted Microsoft CRM a natural fit for organizations already utilizing Microsoft Office software.

Microsoft Dynamics software automates your sales force

Adopt Microsoft CRM hosting and maximize the amount of time your sales team devotes to engaging customers. Sales managers will be happy because the seamless integration of Microsoft CRM software with MS Office minimizes the need for additional training. The bottom line is improved workflows, sales planning, account management, and most importantly increased sales

Hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM optimizes customer service

As customer expectations continue to rise, Dynamics CRM hosting enables your organization to meet these challenges. By enabling organizations to manage valuable relationships across multiple departments, customer churn is reduced. With a single customer data store, all business units benefit from the availability of a higher quality view of the customer.

Microsoft CRM hosting increases the intelligence for marketing

Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps capture more data; it can also intelligently eliminate data duplication. Business intelligence (BI) is magnified by increasing both data quality and quantity. Ongoing marketing analytics reveal actionable insights that ultimately decrease cost per engagement (CPE).

Microsoft CRM software is powerful and flexible

Dynamics CRM is capable of meeting the demands of any business vertical, including: Government, financial services, manufacturing, professional services, healthcare providers, health & social services, retail, hospitality, entertainment, education and media.

Hosted Microsoft Dynamics is easy to customize

Microsoft CRM Dynamics hosting can be tailored to meet the needs of your business via drag and drop configuration, role-based tailoring and user-level personalization.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is designed for the global marketplace

The multi-currency functionality in hosted Microsoft CRM software comes in best use when customer transactions are recorded in more than one currency. In addition, multilingual capability is included in Microsoft CRM software hosting.

Microsoft Dynamics software hosting maximizes Return On Investment (ROI)

The equation is simple. The more effective an organization is at serving its customers the greater the profits. As competition intensifies, investing in a hosting Microsoft CRM software solution isn’t an option, it’s a requirement for growth-minded businesses.
When your company wants to improve the way it manages customer relationships, and wishes to do so with minimal impact on budget and internal IT resources, then utilizing hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM software is the best CRM choice.