Are other organisations using Cloud Computing for their IT?

In a recent online surveys, 40% of the respondents said they are pursuing, piloting or have deployed Cloud computing, while 30% are considering it. According to IDC research, this 4thrd generation “outsourcing” will take over traditional IT systems.

Our system architects have been designing and implementing this technology for the past ten years for insurance companies, financial institutions and small business customers.

Can my staff connect using iPADS or iPhones?

Yes, we support mobile connectivity for iPads, Apple Macs and most smartphones. iPhones, Blackberry and any smartphone using Windows or Google Android can be easily configured to send and receive emails, synchronise contacts, calendars etc.

Do I still own my own data and information?

Irrespective of the solution chosen, Octalpha, hosting or keeping your IT in-house, ownership of, and control over data remains with the customer. Regular offsite copies of data can also be provided for a small fee.

How do I know my data will be safe from unauthorised access?

With an Octalpha you have access to the highest levels of physical and data security. Our highly qualified technical staff uses the latest technology and procedures to make sure that your data is protected from unauthorised access.

However, should you feel more comfortable with dedicated server(s) for your data, this is also available, whilst you can still take advantage of the economics of scale as you deliver IT infrastructure through Octalpha.

How will users connect and can remote offices and mobile users connect as well?

All users, regardless of where they are located, can connect via the Internet or a dedicated link using secure communication. (SSL VPN)
In the past, mobile users (or remote users) only had access to limited applications, typically email only. Using Cloud Computing, you are in control of the applications presented to your mobile workforce.
Remote users can access all of the applications that are available to office users. Remote users connect via their, DSL, Cable or 3G wireless, which have all proven to be most satisfactory.

I’m used to having my servers here. Why should I move them? Won’t I lose control of my systems?

Octalpha can be thought of in the same way that we would think about contracting a courier company to perform deliveries instead of hiring delivery drivers directly, or by renting telephone lines from a carrier instead of building the required telecommunication infrastructure.

Control is ensured via Service Level Agreements, which obligate us to deliver what you need to run your business without the headache of having to manage IT yourself.

We already own our software licences. Why would I switch to a pay-per-use model?

We often find that customers have a range of software licences and require support and maintenance of many different versions of application software. Changing to Octalpha means no more renewal to manage or software maintenance fees. All users can run the latest versions without upgrade fees.

What about security? Will my systems be safe when they are not sitting in my building anymore?

Octalpha provides a physically secure, climate controlled data centre, firewall and intrusion protection, device monitoring and alarming, which is far more secure than what most customers can afford if they keep their servers in-house. More about our Data Centre.

What are the major benefits of using Octalpha hosting?

Pay by the Month: You only pay by the user on a monthly basis. No need to worry about expensive upgrades and software maintenance.

Lower Cost: There is no expensive software or hardware to buy and no requirement for IT staff to manage it. You take advantage of the economies of scale and the skills of a dedicated IT organisation.

Rapid Deployment: We have already made the investment in enterprise-class equipment to enable rapid deployment of most common applications. New users/sites can be added within 24 hrs notice.

Reliability: We offer a state-of-the-art infrastructure with high security, excellent uptime, robust data backup and global access.

Focus: By outsourcing application management, you can focus your resources on improving the performance of your core business processes.

Best Practice: As a Cloud Computing service provider, we can apply our greater experience and resources to implement best IT practices for superior levels of availability, security, backup, and user support.

What business applications can I access using Octalpha?

Unlike other Cloud Computing providers, Octalpha can deliver virtually any application via a web browser while ensuring secure authorized access. Presentation of applications and access to data is customizable at an end-user level, so each individual can run and access only that to which they are authorized. Your existing accounting, payroll, CRM or business specific applications can be migrated to our service.

What if I’ve recently invested in new IT equipment?

Recent investment in IT infrastructure may not rule out Octalpha or Hosting as a viable and cost-effective solution. Our consultants will be able to advise further on whether Octalpha is a viable alternative.

What will happen if my Internet link goes down?

Octalpha incorporates highly reliable business-grade telecommunication services with redundant links at the data centre end. At the customer end we recommend business grade links which today are very cost effective and reliable with often 99.6% or better uptime. Customers can also use 3G wireless and similar services for temporary access.

When should I consider Octalpha for my business?

You will benefit most from Octalpha if you:

Are aware of the problems associated with investing in and managing an increasingly complex IT environment.

Are concerned about the capital investment requirements to maintain and upgrade your IT infrastructure in order to stay competitive.

Are concerned about the costs and complexity of managing and connecting a multi-site environment and have to deal with remotely connected users.

Do not have the dedicated IT staff and / or do not have the breadth and depth of skills required to manage your own IT environment.

Already rent or “pay-per-use” or outsource key aspects of your business today.

Are IT value focused (you believe IT enhances business value and competitive advantage rather than merely being an expense).

Will it cost me more?

An Octalpha Colud solution can deliver savings of up to 46%. When comparing the cost of ITonCloud we need to make sure we compare the true cost of the current IT infrastructure.

According to Gartner, in the Australian Market only about 65% of the true cost of IT is directly accounted for, with some 35% being indirect and often invisible. Visible IT costs include capital expenditure, real cost of administration and technical staff plus ongoing maintenance fees, etc. Invisible costs include lost productivity due to downtime and/or antiquated and inefficient systems, as well as lost time due to end users being involved in problem solving, etc.

Furthermore, there is the cost of maintaining and powering a customer’s server room and the time and cost involved in systems management: Are system back-ups performed as and when required? Is Anti-Virus protection up to date? Has the firewall configuration been reviewed recently? Is mail usage and internet access under control?

When procuring, managing and maintaining a dedicated IT infrastructure you must also invest in additional capacity that may only occasionally be required.

There is minimal opportunity to achieve the economies of scale from an IT infrastructure and skills perspective as compared to ITonCloud.

With Octalpha you need only invest in the resources you require. Staff spends less time fighting fires and more time adding value to the business. End users experience productivity gains and spend less time involved in problem solving.

After all, shouldn’t a company’s focus be on its core business? Most companies today use external logistics companies in preference to owning and managing their own delivery system. In the same way, a company can utilise ITonCloud in preference to owning and managing their own dedicated IT infrastructure. This can lower IT expenditure while delivering a better quality service.

Will my applications perform as fast and reliably as when they are on my local network?

In some cases applications will run even faster, depending on your existing hardware and the type of telecommunication connection in use.

Using Octalpha Cloud, the application execution takes place on powerful, load-balanced servers located in the Data Centre. The PC is used to receive screen updates and to communicate keyboard strokes and mouse movements. In a typical LAN environment the PC carries out much of the application execution, which can often lead to overload.

Will my data be backed up and virus protected?

Yes. With Octalpha cloud hosting you can be assured of reliable and regular back-ups. Total virus scanning for all servers and hosted data is included in the monthly fee.

Will the service be reliable?

Our Service Level Agreements dictate that our systems is constantly monitored and maintained with controlled release of software updates on completion of testing. Customer data is secure and is regularly backed up. This approach ensures a high degree of reliability and customer peace-of-mind.