At OCTALPHA we simplify your IT making it easy and convenient by offering you a Cloud Solutions. This lets you focus on your core business activities, yet keeping a simple approach on technology. Your employee productivity increases with the freedom to use any device, from anywhere as business can function, grow, innovate or react quickly to changes in the market, from office, home, client site or even while travelling on road.

Octalpha sets your business free from worries about investing in Servers, hardware or paying for expensive Business Software, licenses, or consulting costs. No more worrying about regulations, compliances, data backup or security. All this and more, at a predictable, fixed monthly subscription fees cost with unlimited support and administration included. So let your business cruise on the fast lane with a safe automated, crash-less drive.

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What we offer?
If You have decided to move your IT to the clouds there are so many options, you chose and sign up and have immediate access to all the flexible resources, but how do you put all this together, you would not buy a mobile in pieces and build it yourself, it would be great if you had a basic model and then add up options to suit your business needs.
We deliver state of the art IT systems from the cloud to small and medium sized businesses. We deliver what we commit, a personalized service, at a better price using the latest technology.

The greatest benefit gained comes not from cost savings in technology, but from the revenue earned by being more agile and responsive to changing customer needs.
Corporate IT currently spends on average 70 per cent to 80 per cent of annual budgets on operations, maintenance of on premise server rooms, and standard business applications such as ERP, CRM and other common applications. In small business, it’s commonly the business owner or the most IT literate person in the business who spend the equivalent percentage in time, rather than money, on IT. The revenue they generate with faster rollout of new products and services, and successful expansion into new markets.

Migrating from on premise to the cloud is a completely different process to migrating from old to new equipment in-house.

In general, a migration from an on premise infrastructure to the cloud will begin on a weekends and tends to be completed by the one day. When your employees arrive for work morning, the IT systems should be working normally because, aside from a security log-in, everything should look and perform just as it did before the cloud migration. This allows users to get on with their jobs, which is in stark contrast to an on premise migration, which can be extremely disruptive to staff and business continuity.

IT Project effectiveness

We help clients maximize the business results from major technology initiatives, including turnaround programs. We help executives evaluate the case for investment, set up projects for success—or place current projects on the right track—to ensure they capture value when implementing new systems and programs.